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05 Jun 2012

«Who is ruling the modern art?»

A round table was organized at the Central House of Artists prior to opening of a new educational RMA program «Art Management and Gallery Business» titled «Who is ruling the modern art: the art-manager, the curator or the artists?».

The participants of the discussion included many art-market professionals, among them: Arseniy Zhilyaev (graphic artist, curator of the exhibition «Start»), Sergey Shutov (graphic artist), Julia Aksenova (curator of the Center for Modern Culture «Garage»), Dmitriy Hankin (art-producer, and co-owner of the gallery «Triumph»), Anastasia Shavlohova (curator and director of the art-space «The open studio of the Unconquered»), Victoria Kondrashova (director of the fair «Art-Moscow»).

The subject matter of the discussion included the topics such as: the roles and spheres of influence within the art-society, the qualities that are necessary for the successful industry players, the general trends in the modern art and the importance of training the new cadres.

«The source of everything - is the artists, -- said during the conversation the curator of the «Art Management and Gallery Business» program and the renowned art-dealer Nikolai Palazhchenko. -- That is one right no one will ever take away from the artist. If there is no art, the art managers will simply seize to be needed. Now, when it comes to the curators, their golden moment, I believe, has not yet come about.

Undoubtedly, everyone has their own sphere of influence, as well as unique areas of responsibility. The manager's zone of responsibility is extremely wide. The art-manager is in essence responsible for creating the new tools that will be instrumental in giving the art it's life, as well as in providing both the artist and the curator a work to do. We certainly want to be engaged in this process together, we need to be able to rely upon one another. In the next 5-10 years, the managers will be creating the new formats and the avenues of financing the art. These upcoming years will be of great interest to us».

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