VII Motive Eat workshop

As a part of the Status program the 7th Motive Eat workshop was organized for the partners of the tobacco company Phillip Morris Ukraine. The RMA company invited acknowledged practicing experts who presented their lectures and training materials on a very high level for representatives of club and restaurant industries.

According to the results of the poll among the participants of the workshop, all the lecturers and materials offered were highly appreciated and received a lot of gratitude after their presentation. All the participants noted the actuality, choice and presentation of discussion topics and also the possibility of using the Russian restaurant and club industry experience in Ukraine.

The well-known club promoter Garik Gagarin brought a creative and unique approach to the event not just by the presentation of the unique Moscow project but also by the openness of this presentation. The video material created a furor and gave to the Ukrainian participants a chance for creative work and for use of the elements of organization and filling in their own projects and parties.

Vladislav Us shared with the participants his unique experience in working with loyalty programs professionally prepared for various structures, which is a truly new area of conducting business in Ukraine. The partners of the workshop got a chance to study Vladislav's materials in more depth and also to practice some elements in their own business.

The business lecturer Irina Vasilieva managed to bring about the maximum possible involvement of workshop participants in the discussion and to make them at once try out the received knowledge in their business. Many workshop participants are certain that Irina has a lot more to tell, and they will be glad to hear her lecture on new topic at the next workshops.

Perhaps the desire to hear the lecturers at the following events is the highest possible form of regard, which is a proof of the lecturers’ professionalism and the appreciation of them as helpers in conducting business.

4 november 2008

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