GQ Bar and Vogue Cafe for the Kiev restaurateurs

Another international workshop organized by Philip Morris Ukraine took place in Moscow. Its main events were the classes given for Ukrainian colleagues by the deputy director of Turandot restaurant Olga Semanova, club promoter Sinisha Lazarevich and restaurant critic Oleg Nazarov. Their visit to the capital of Ukraine was organized by RMA by request from the receiving party.

In the current workshop there were 13 participants from five Ukrainian cities — Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa. They represented five clubs — Vis–a–Vis and Captain Morgan from Odessa, NLO and Chicago from Donetsk and the club Patipa from Kiev, — and six restaurants — Safe and Decadance from Kiev, Déjà Vu and Steak House from Odessa, Reporter from Dnepropetrovsk and Pushka from Kharkov.

The sessions, which, as during the Kiev workshop, were by the invitation of RMA led by the restaurant business and club industry gurus who are also teaching at the State University of Management, began with the lecture from the director of Vinum wine boutique Aleksandr Zorin. It was dedicated to the influence of the shape of the glass to the wine’s organoleptic qualities.

The next day was dedicated to familiarization with the work of restaurants of Arkadiy Novikov’s group of companies. The workshop participants visited Vogue Café and GQ Bar and got an opportunity to meet the managers and chefs from both establishments, Roman Korolev and Yuriy Rozhkov (Vogue Cafe) and Mikhail Petushkov and Kostantin Ivlev (GQ Bar).

Another item on the workshop agenda was connected with the establishments which are a part of Andrei Dellos’s Restaurant House. ‘Pushkin’ offered the participants of the workshop a detailed tour of the restaurant, and ‘Turandot’ organized a master class of the restaurant’s general director Aleksandr Veksler and a class on the principles on which the work of the local confectionery is organized.

The ‘restaurant’ part of the workshop ended by a visit to ‘Anatoliy Komm’, a cult restaurant for the capital’s gourmands, and the experimental and creative haute cuisine laboratory working in it. Here the guests from Ukraine got the opportunity to put their questions to Anatoliy Komm himself, the well-known warrior against gastronomical ignorance and the main popularizer of molecular cuisine in Russia.

In their last day in Moscow the workshop participants were the guests of the Dyagilev Project Club. Here promoter Mikhail Kozlov told those attending what was necessary to undertake to organize a successful party. And after dark the guests got the opportunity to see how the theory turned into nightlife reality.

That was the end of the workshop program. According to the unanimous opinion of its participants, the visit to Moscow gave them a splendid opportunity to adopt the experience and knowledge of their famous colleagues, to familiarize themselves with the most actual trends in their field and to acquire new business connections and useful acquaintances.

17-20 may 2007

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