The AgileDays09 conference

The RMA company was one of the organizers of one of the key events of the year, the AgileDays09 conference dedicated to agile software development. The conference was attended by 380 specialists from 140 companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and USA. The conference participants were the leading companies of Russian and foreign IT market: Nokia, Amazon, Rambler, Intel, Kaspersky Labs, Exigen Services, Microsoft, Yandex, IBM and others.

A distinctive feature of this conference was its emphasis on practical experience and actual implementation of agile software development. The program was separated into three tracks – experience report, technical excellence, main stage. The participants were especially interested in the papers read by representatives of big companies. Yevgeniy Sorokin and Anton Bevziuk from Intel spoke about the evolution of their approach in more than seven years of using Agile in the company projects. Dmitriy Nikonov spoke on using Scrum in Microsoft and Amazon companies, and Artyom Marchenko, about the approaches to planning in Nokia.

The conference included a Scrum Master Certification training. Its participants became certified scrum masters. The training was conducted by the senior coach of the Danube company, certified scrum coach Dan Rawsthorne.

Opinions of the participants of AgileDays09

Denis Yermakov, Weblime:

"We successfully introduced Agile, or, to be more precise, one of its methods, Scrum, in a standard-sized developer team from 5 to 7 people, and it was interesting to us to look at the experiences of our bigger colleagues on IT market, such as Intel and IBM, to learn about growth problems beforehand. All in all, the participants did share their experiences, and the conference was up to the mark, confirming its right for the title of All-Russia. We will definitely come again"

Maksim Gaponov, "Avto.Ru":

"I’m glad to see such events organized here, and even more glad that they gather such an amount of people. You can clearly see that the interest for agile software development grows with every year. Also in that vein, it’s difficult to overestimate the importance of practice-oriented papers on introduction and use of Agile, which got their own section at the conference. "

Yevgeniy Larchik, "Lanit-Tercom":

"I found very interesting and useful the reports of representatives of various companies about the introduction of Scrum in their companies and about the problems they had with it. I liked the atmosphere of freedom at the conference, the possibility of coming up at any moment to the speaker whose report interested me and

9 december 2010

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