Consulting in the Music Business and Entertainment Industry

Show business has no rules prescribed once and for always, no settled laws. Here the really successful people are those who have a lot of practical experience and a robustly professional team. With their experience of long and close cooperation with the most notable people in the Russian show business, the specialists of the RMA company are always aware of the most actual trends appearing and developing in the industry. Our knowledge, experience and individual approach to all the customers who need a consultation allow them to be certain of success in the end.

The RMA company offers several types of consulting services. Our customers can obtain consultations straight from the most notable personalities of the national show business. Alternatively, they can use the support of the work groups and graduates who majored in Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management. They have successfully organized and managed dozens of events, including the international ones. For each customer the professionals from RMA develop an individual program of work taking into account all the possible nuances of organizing events and developing projects.

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