International programs

21 Apr 2013 —
27 Apr 2013

The new event industry trends in London

In spring of 2013 the RMA business school in cooperation with Knyazev's event-manager school had organized a professional internship program in London, tailored for the owners and managers of event-companies. The participants met with Britain's most famous event-organizers, visited unusual venues and got introduced to the latest innovations in the areas of decor and audio-visual arrangements, as well as to the cutting edge trends in show-technology and entertainment industry.

The internship program:

1st day. Arrival in London, a tour across city's main sightseeings such as Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Parliament, London Eye, Tower Bridge. 

2nd day. A visit to Jam Staffing company, that specializes in providing staff for the wide range of events. The company was created by two event-catering managers with over 20 years of experience – Jeremy Burlingham and Mark Czernek – who, having worked with the highest profile clientele, have experienced first hand the importance of well chosen personnel.

Attending the GSP-Events boutique agency and meeting with its director Emma Gold, who believes the key to their success is versatility, which allows them to concentrate on providing the actual service and avoid competing for the narrow market niches in fashion and music. Unlike many other, the agency does not have a single unified appearance, which helps them to adapt to any kind of customer, be it a telecom provider, large retail outlet, British independent film awards, or the owner of the auction houses.

Meeting Sara Donaldson, the owner of the Unspun company, which was among the agencies contracted by the 2003 London Olympic committee, and which has since been responsible for organizing all of the internal events, including the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics. According to Sara, there are two key factors that facilitate the company's success. The first one is the ability to partner with the other agencies. And the second is maintaining a positive relationship with everyone involved in servicing of the events, - something that helps enormously in competing for tenders and finding new clients.


3rd day. Meeting the chairman of the board of directors of Gallowglass company, Paul Grecian. His company is one of the largest event organizers in Britain and Europe, that offers the full spectrum of services in the area of corporate events, exhibits, festivals and official ceremonies.

Meeting the head of the sales department, Robert Morrison, as well as the marketing director, Nikki Causer of Fisher Productions. This company has been on the market for over 27 years, specializing in branding, marketing, 3D graphic design, technical and event production for various large brands and celebrities. Fisher Productions is also one of the organizers for the royal court, and particularly of the royal wedding ceremony of prince William and Kate Middleton.

Visiting the Musion company — the sole proprietor of Eyeliner projection technology, that allows to augment the reality with holograms and creates the effect of presence of people and objects on the stage. This technology is widely used in various event areas, including education, fashion, politics and other. 


4th day. Meeting the founder and manager of the professional online-resource for the event management specialists,, Will Broome. 12 years ago, the web service began as a database for PR and news agencies, and over time has become the go to resource for both the event-agencies and their clients. Moreover, Londonlaunch organizes the events for the industry professionals, who gather to discuss the current trends and try to predict the direction of the future developments in the industry.

Visiting the Britain's largest booking bureau, JLA, which was founded in 1990 and is now incorporating 25 leading event companies.

Meeting Ben Gamble, the sales director of London Film Museum Events Production, who discussed how to organize the events for the large scale cultural occasions and institutions. 

5th day. Visiting the agency that was founded on the basis of the legendary concierge-service, Quintessentially, meeting Anabel Fielding and Caroline Hurley, who founded the company in 2005. Today, the company has 6 head offices and 66 certified partner branches, that are engaged in the entire range of event organizing operations. For each client they develop a unique idea, individualized design of the event, and offer help with finding the right sponsor. There are five major fields of company's operations: the «red carpet» events, luxury sector corporate clients, private events, weddings and charity events.

Visiting Industri Management, that specializes in venue management for the events of all formats and sizes. The company has an extensive experience working with photography and film industry, and has worked with the most renowned British film makers and producers.

Visiting the office of London's major event-publication Event Magazine, meeting with the chief editor as well as finance director of the project.

6th day. Attending the traditional English ceremony with mini sandwiches and desserts.

7th day. Departure to Moscow.