International programs

13 Aug 2010 —
27 Aug 2010

Silicon Trip 2010

The recently completed two-week unique traineeship program in California Silicon Trip 2010 was organized by the State Management University’s usual partner, the innovation and education company RMA, for students specializing in Internet Industry Management.

The visitors to USA made quite a sizeable delegation with about 30 participants. Besides the students and graduates majoring in Internet Industry Management it included the partners and lecturers of the program. Those were all people well-known in the industry: Damir Khalilov, the chief of the SMM agency GreenPR providing the social media support for the project. Chief Editor of the Practice of Internet Marketing magazine Lyudmila Kudryavzeva. General Director of the iConText agency Mariya Chernitskaya. And some of those are cult figures not requiring additional introductions, like Anton Nosik and Sonya Sokolova.


The trainees had the opportunity to acquaint themselves in depth with the work of the world’s leading Internet companies. The offer for cooperation and sharing of experience with colleagues from Russia was met with great interest by such industry giants as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Wikipedia. The program included visits to the offices of those companies, a detailed look at their history, main areas of business, problems this business had met and kept meeting and the ways of overcoming those problems, and also at their advanced development plans.


A fact especially worthy of mentioning is that during the entire traineeship program the trainees had a practically unlimited possibility of talking to the top management of the aforementioned companies: their questions were answered by general directors, department heads, and marketing and finance directors. Also, the guests from Russia listened to several lectures about various aspects of the innovations business and Internet commerce which were prepared especially for them by professors from the Stanford University.