23 Dec 2011

"In order to develop a successful project, you should offer the market a know-how"

The founder and the general director of one of the most successful job search engines - Free-lance.ruVasiliy Voropayev, gave a lecture to the students of RMA «Internet Industry Management». The lecture was given in an informal setting, during which Vasiliy answered various questions, and shared his experience with the students about the difficulties he had gone through at the early stages of his project development, and made suggestions on how to best manage an international team of developers that operates from different countries.

«Initially, was developed as an community group, where we could hire people that are best suited for the specific project or task. Now it has evolved into a full fledged business which generates respectable revenues.

Without much hesitation, I can state today, that the Russian free-lance market was virtually single-handedly built by us, with our own hands. Now that it fully exists, I no longer have to explain in all the interviews what «free-lance» actually means and who the heck are the «free-lancers». The only company that preceded us in this field was, but they aren't particularly in-tune with the current market demands. But these days, even on the state owned tv-channels, we can often hear the mentioning of the term «remote-work», and I often receive invitations to comment on the merits of the newly proposed legislation in this area.

To anyone who is interested in engaging the internet based business, I would strongly recommend to stop for a second, and think - should they perhaps instead try to make money by sell tomatoes? Because in the IT industry of today, the competition is nearly exorbitant, that is why for one to successfully develop a project, it is necessary to be able to offer the market place your own know-how. And overall, i don't think that hanging out in the circles of startupers and investors, is really of that much help. I believe, since you do have a real project going on, others will surely find you themselves. Our own rapid ascend is still somewhat of a surprise to me, but the fact remains».

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