10 Mar 2012

Internet in the age of change

The students of RMA «Internet Industry Management» program have attended an infield lecture at the office of Google Russia, where they had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work environment of the Russian branch of the world's largest IT company, which rarely does open its doors to the guests. After the tour around the facility and brief informal conversation with the company's top managers, Vladimir Dolgov (the general director of Google Russia) and Alexey Amilyuschenko (SoftLanding Project Manager), Vladimir discussed with the students the newest trends in the online business, and shared his view of the likely avenues of development for the industry in the next 10 years.

According to Vladimir, the main aim of his lecture was to give the young specialist some food for thought regarding the business instruments that will be introduced and actively used in the very near future. Namely, they discussed the internet-marketing, mobile technologies, augmented reality, geo-locational services and many other internet innovations, that are rapidly becoming an inextricable part of our daily life.

According to Vladimir's prognosis, in the upcoming several years we'll be witnessing an explosive growth in the mobile segment of the internet. Information will be increasingly tagged with the geo-specific coordinates, the internet access will become truly ubiquitous, the "social" aspect will engulf most of the internet activity, and the internet will become the central platform for the majority of Mass Media and marketing agencies. To support his claim, Vladimir used a number of concrete cases.

«Internet with gradually extrude other media, - says Vladimir Dolgov. - That is already taking place, given the fact that every single minute, there is over 48 hours of video footage being uploaded on YouTube. The user created content is becoming more popular than the professional one, and the availability of instant online translation, such as Google Translate, is actively narrowing the gap between the web users who speak different languages».

«In this environment, the professionals have to remember that they operate in the market place where everything is centered on the end client, which requires them to constantly expand on their creativity and avoid restricting their imagination».

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