01 Sep 2014

«Great - is not yet the limit»

A field lecture was given at the Moscow office of Google for the students of «Internet Industry Management» RMA program. The company's SoftLanding Project Manager Alexei Amilyuschenko gave a tour around the office, concluding it with an overview of the company's history.  We are offering you a photo report from the event.

Probably everyone who is related to the internet industry had seen photos and read an article or two about Google's Moscow office.  So we aren't going to bother your with every tiny detail, and will simply conclude that it is in fact a magnificent place in every sense of the word.  First of all, the interior decoration is based on the Russian fairy tales themes, as well as well known childhood era films and cartoons, and secondly, Google is treating it's employees with incredible sense of care and generosity.

The company's official philosophy: Google first and foremost is about it's people. Nobody here is going to track how much time a worker spends at the desk performing his duties, moreover sitting at the desk is not mandatory at all.  Every employee is free to set their own schedule: the office remains opened around the clock, so if any prefer to work at night they are most graciously welcomed to do so. This kind of work place is perfectly suitable to live in: two massage rooms, shower, dry cleaning, recreation area with pleasant atmosphere, various sorts of tea and coffee , as well as chocolates and other treats all free of charge, table games and numerous other amenities. Everything here is made for pure enjoyment. The office environment is so welcoming in fact, that many employees need to be reminded to consider taking a vacation elsewhere, as it is believed interactions outside of work place have a significant positive effect on the overall productivity and inspiration. Needless to say every employee here is free to express their ideas, and up to 20% of their work time can be devoted to their own personal projects. As a result of this flexible approach, Google was able to create a number of very successful products in recent years.

The students of RMA business school were also among the first people to observe the new office floor recently opened up and modeled in Moscow subway station style. 

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