28 Nov 2014

eBay for Russian retail stores

RMA Business School hosted an open lecture by the head of eBay’s branch in Russia Vladimir Dolgov, who gave a talk on the recent arrival of eBay into the country which was long awaited by many Russian retail stores. Below we offer a photo report on the transpired event.

This September the world leading online market place eBay announced the beginning of sales from the Russian stores on their platform. The most relevant questions that face the electronic commerce industry today are: do the retail stores really need it, who can take advantage of eBay, what specific issues had to be taken into account during the deployment by the American company in Russia, and what are the most current plans eBay has for it’s near future. These were the questions touched upon by Vladimir Dolgov. The head of eBay Russia analyzed the latest developments in the e-commerce market, evaluated it’s potential and offered certain solutions for some of the currently existing problems in the industry.

Vladimir Dolgov: «The world is changing so rapidly, that making any kind of predictions is becoming highly risky. Not so long ago it was said that 640 kilobytes would suffice everyone, the demand for personal computers would not exceed 20 units per year, and the mobile phone will be the utilized strictly by the TOP-managers. Yet, the world has proven to be able to change at a much more dynamic rate, so one has to be prepared virtually for anything. However, the general trends of the upcoming decade can already be summarized today - that is socialization and mobile commerce. It is of utmost importance to constantly re-develop oneself, carefully monitor and analyze the situation in the market place and search for the underdeveloped segments, particularly here in Russia.

The success of the electronic commerce is rather simple - one has to figure out what to sell, and then continuously make effort to reach those millions of people who either already make purchases online or just contemplate doing so». 

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