15 Mar 2011

RMA hosted the meeting of Groupon investor Mark Samver with Russian entrepreneurs

On March 14 the German businessman Mr. Mark Samver, the investor of Groupon Company, the most fast-growing company of the world and Ms. Anna Berezovskaya, the top-manager of its British subdivision, gave the open lecture for students of Internet Industry Management Faculty. Besides the RMA students about 400 young businessmen and Internet industry experts came to listen to it.

Mark told how he had passed a way from the trainee in the small company in Silicon Valley to one of the most successful investors. The first project he had started together with his two brothers was German eBay.

Having led to success one more start-up, the Jamba!, the Samvers have founded their own investment fund, European Partners. Relying on their more than ten-years’ experience Mark gave the SUM listeners the following advice, 'Do not plan for 10 years forward, be closer to reality. Listen to people who will purchase your product, do everything quickly and vigorously. And start building your business from your youth while you do not have family and children.'

Anna Berezovskaya who arrived to Russia to find top-managers for the Russian subdivision of Groupon Company, explained what specialists their company needed. Those who wanted to try had the possibility to fill in the necessary questionnaires at once and to receive the invitation to interview.

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