22 Dec 2011

RMA students at the InterCHARM 2011

The ongoing InterCHARM fare at «Crocus Expo» is the largest one in it's class, with RMA being a proud sponsor of the event. Among the participants of the fare, there are over 900 companies that represent the products and services of over 3 thousand different brands. On it's stands you can see the products made in 27 different countries, with separate pavilions strictly dedicated to the national producers from Germany, France, Israel, Turkey and Bulgaria. The fair offers various presentations and master-classes designed for the average consumer, but also, there is an additional business conference at «Intercharm» for the executives of beauty salons, that offers professional contests among the manicure and hairdressing artists.

Among the active participants of the fair, representing their own brands as well as in the capacity of lecturers, are the host of RMA professors from «Health and Beauty Industry Management» program. The 10 graduates of the same program, who were the first ones to sign up onto the recently formed specialization list on Facebook, received an opportunity to attend the fair free of charge. So in effect, «InterCHARM» had become a meeting place for both: those who have studied and those who are currently teaching at RMA.

As part of the program at «InterCHARM», several dozen master-classes and educational seminars were offered at each respective company booth, the visitors could also merge themselves into the atmosphere of show runway as well as behind the scene activity at the «Style in the big city» show.

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