09 Jan 2012

«A web site should be a smart machine, instead of just being a pretty business card»

Andrey Iskornev is the president of the premium class medical clinic with an American license - «The Platinental», as well as practicing plastic surgeon with an MBA degree in «Medical business management». He knows well how to create a successful development strategy for the medical clinic. During the lecture he gave to the students of «Health and Beauty Industry Management» RMA program, he discussed why the beauty salons and health clinics should seek to invest in quality online PR, why the web sites should be live prior to the opening of the business, and which are the best ways to fill the web site with sellable content.

«In the present time internet-marketing is increasingly becoming the most effective solution for product and service advancement, including the beauty and health care industry, - says Andrey Iskorev. - To advance my clinic business I often utilize targeted advertisement, the benefit of which is that your information only gets presented to the ready-to-be clients that might be searching for the service or product that you have to offer.

And of course, the key component to growing your clinic or a beauty salon is - your web site. When making a web site, you should remember two important things, first - it has to be strictly geared toward your specific business, and second - you should use the web site to build a dialog with your clients, stimulating their interest in your services. You can achieve that by serving them a carefully selected content, preferably in a pleasing visual row of images and videos.

Of course, as you dive deeper into the internet based marketing, you should ask yourself one crucially important question: what kind of clients will I be able to find online, and do I even need them to begin with? If your clinic or beauty salon works with discount services, then the online forum and social network users would be your target audience. However, if your business is geared toward the luxury and VIP segment, then the web site will likely be less useful to you, as rich and glamorous socialites do not usually spend a lot of time on the internet in search of a clinic. And in which case you would need to change your advertisement strategy, perhaps concentrating on placing your ads in the magazines, which generally is not very effective, as it mainly promotes your image. However, even if your run a high profile beauty salon, do not shy away from using the social media especially at the early stages, create a group on Facebook, where you will be free to moderate it's individual participants».

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