23 Mar 2012

«Basketball Without Borders» is going to Moscow

A master class by the vice president of National Basketball Association (NBA) Mark Aronson was given to the students of «Sport Industry Management» RMA program. During the class, this prominent sports industry insider, extensively talked about NBA's current structure, it's business agenda, various scenarios for the upcoming NBA All Star Weekend, touching on the current plans to open up a training facility in Moscow to foster the prospects for the talented European juniors, all under the hospice of the international program «Basketball Without Borders». At the end of the class, Mark Aronson shared his experience with the correspondent of the educational company RMA internet website.

«First of all, I would like to thank you for the invitation for me to speak here in Moscow – I consider this opportunity an honor. – This is my second time I have pleasure to meet with the students of RMA «Sport Industry Management» program. My first experience happened during your January visit to the United States, and now finally, I'm at your home ground in Moscow, at your remarkable university.

Based on the conversation we just had, and the questions that were raised, I can attest to the high educational level offered to you in this program, and I am certain there is many bright carriers waiting for you ahead in the sports industry. I find these kind of meetings always interesting, especially given that NBA is paying close attention to the international advancement of its brand, and Russia, in this sense, presents a particular strategic interest to us.

I'm certain, that we will have more meetings like this again in the future, and possibly, RMA students will be participating in our project «Basketball Without Borders», which is scheduled to launch in Moscow this upcoming September. And for now, I would like to wish your faculty a good luck, prosperity and new victories».

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