03 Jul 2010

Yana Laputina: "Russia is a beauty-nutsy country"

Yana Laputina, a linklady of "Bauty time", "Tell what's not ok" hosting on "Domashny" TV-channel, lectured attendants majoring in Health and Beauty Industry Management.

"Todays' beauty indystry comprises four trends: the plastic surgery, the beauty therapy, the parlour business and SPA", - she told them. - "And every single one has its own virtues and shortcomings. Only extremely reach people claimed as the only ones visiting those facilies just as far as several years ago. However, numerous recent teachers prove this statement as totally false.

Nearly 13% of the Russian women's annual expenses are related to the beauty industry, and we should say the rate is much higher than that of Europe. For many years the World have been saying that Russia is a beauty-nutsy country, and it is truly correct. According to Channel's experts, the Russian womer would rather skimp their husbands' shirts, food, kindergarden fees — virtually everything — than miss their personal care sessions". That is why annual turnover of beauty-business is growng so steadily".

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