Restaurant and Club Industry Management

The restaurant business keeps moving ahead and developing, which inevitably requires the emergence of professionals who would be able not just to find good solution to any appearing problems but also to invent new concepts which could be successfully realized in the industry. To prepare such specialists in 2006 the Restaurant and Club Industry Management training program was started.

Experience shows that even people who are working in this field can for some reasons have gaps in their knowledge which stop them from fully developing their managerial potential. Today for professional growth experience is not enough; it is also necessary to understand all the fine details in such spheres as management, finances, personnel management, labor law and many others which are fundamentally necessary for success in the restaurant business.

The Restaurant and Club Industry Management training program gives its participants knowledge and skills which can later be successfully realized in both new and already existing projects. This is a full training course for professionals who want to fulfill their dreams and start their own restaurant from scratch or to succeed in significantly increasing their competence in this sphere.

During all the course of their studies the students majoring in Restaurant and Club Industry Management work as trainees in the well-known Moscow restaurants. Thanks to this deep immersion into the industry the students get the opportunity to establish connections and contacts necessary for working successfully at such positions as restaurant manager or director, service manager, personnel manager, acquisition manager, room manager, bar manager, director of the catering service, F&B director and others connected immediately to management in restaurant business.