International programs

14 Jul 2007 —
25 Jul 2007

The Restaurant Management in Italy

On July14-25, 2007, a group of students specializing in Restaurant and Club Management Industry at RMA went through a traineeship program in Italy.

The receiving party, which organized for the Moscow guests several lectures, seminars and practical training, was the famous Florentine university of Apicius (Apicius, The Culinary Institute of Florence), a private university which for more than 10 years has been training top-of-the-line specialists in restaurant management, culinary art in its entirety and Italian cuisine in particular, design and marketing in restaurant industry, wine and coffee marketing and other specialized industry sections. The traineeship program included the following events:

Lecture from vice president of Salcheto wine company David Danieri


Lesson from Stefano Innocente, the owner of the most popular Florentine restaurant Асqua al 2


Master class from the managers of MokaArra coffee company Silvia and Stefano Stacchini


Lecture from Francesco Sommariva, professor of Apicius culinary university of Florence

Lesson from marketing expert of winemaking holding Frescobaldi Group Diletta Frescobaldi


Lecture from architect and designer Claudio Rodrigueri


Practical training with Claudia Crociani, a chef from Apicius culinary university of Florence