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30 Dec 2011

«Franchising isn't just a name, it's a sort of ideology and ethos of the brand»

The students of RMA «Restaurant and Club Industry Management» program had visited one of the most popular venues in Moscow, which operates under the world brand N.1 Pacha, during the visit they were given a lecture by the art director and the producer of Go-Go dance school Luis Goend. He told the students about the history of Pacha, who exactly works in the club, and how are Russian night-party goers are different from their Western counterparts.

Pacha Moscow - is a part of the big brand Pacha Group. Right now there is over 26 Pacha clubs located all around the world. Our club right here is considered the most glamorous among all the Pacha clubs. Part of the reason for this, is the fact, that unfortunately, here in Moscow, the lower class, democratic clubs aren't doing too well. Of course the situation is fluid, and gradually changing, but at the time of our opening, the conditions were exactly as I have described them. Our clients are the successful, glamorous individuals who have money, spending which is not an object to them. Another interesting idiosyncrasy of the Russian mentality - the necessity of enforced dress-code. In the West, there is pretty much no such thing - there people just come to drink and have fun. Here in Moscow, it's all that, but with a notable exception: when our guests party and have fun, they, nevertheless, still pay close attention to those around them. And in case if someone is poorly dressed, then it is no longer as much fun for them as it would be otherwise.

To open a franchise club isn't exactly easy, and neither it is cheap. That is why you must clearly understand, that your club will be fully in line with the overall ideology of the brand. If your request was reviewed and approved, then a special delegation from Ibiza will be visiting you, who then will advise you on the specific elements, such as lighting, sound, interior decorations etc. The club's staff is carefully selected and fully trained how to deal with the customers. Customer service is one of the characteristic elements of the brand ideology. Initially, the word «pacha», in the language spoken in ancient Ottoman Empire, was used to describe a person that occupies the high rank in the society. That is exactly what defines our idea of treating our customers like kings, which would make our customer in turn reciprocate by spending money accordingly.

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