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27 Jun 2012

«The role of design in the success of a restaurant»

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At the recently held exhibition dedicated to high interior design Crocus Expo, the educational company RMA had been one of the organizers of the business program as well as the round table discussion themed «The role of design in the success of a restaurant». The participants of the round table included: Valeriy Lizunov (architect, designer, the architect beuro «ArchPoint»), Garik Gagarin (night-club promoter, musician, producer, former art-director of the night-club «Krysha Mira» - transl. «The Roof of The World» ), Vladislav Spitsin and Pavel Otroschenko (architects, the architecture beuro «Front Architecture»).

At the round table, the panellists have discussed various aspects pertaining to the development of the designs and architectural plans for different restaurants and cafes, of different social orientations and formats, have touched on the common problems arising in the relationship between designers, architects, clients and investors, as well as the most recent trends in the development of the restaurant design philosophy.

«Right now, the main trend in the restaurant design as I see it - is the increasing minimalism, -- says Garik Gagarin. -- We see much less over the top sophistication, which to be frank, people are already getting quite tired of. Moreover, I would also say this: these days our restaurants are getting ample opportunities to rent their space at the former industrial institutions and factories. You probably know very well what I'm alluding to: The Red October, formerly Badaevskiy beer factory... That is, practically speaking, a loft space, which is simply great. But all of us know that these kind of accommodations are temporary, and it's just a matter of time before this space will be given out to the developers. Hence the minimalism: nobody wants to over-invest, and so everything is done in the way that would permit easy relocation to the new site when time comes».

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