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07 Dec 2010

Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy Blanko's master class for RMA students

Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy Blanko, the founder of the Russian largest restaurants holding named Rosinter, gave a master class on marketing for the students of the Restaurant and Club Industry Management, in which master class the author formulated the basic principles of marketing and answered the attendees' questions.

"According to a classical definition," noted Rostislav Ordovskiy, "marketing is usually interpreted as a set of activities that allow promoting some goods or services on the market. However, I prefer to stand for a less donnish, but, to my opinion, much more accurate wording that says that marketing is a science dealing with the methods of winning the consumers' minds. People are impelled by their emotions – it is this indisputable fact that underlies the marketing. It is the consumer's mind that is hunted, not his or her money. Those will win this battle who manage to differentiate on the market when offering their products or services."

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