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03 Nov 2011

“Goodman” is a project of globalization”

A lecture by the executive manager of group of companies «Food Service Capital» Michael Zelman (restaurants «Goodman», «Filimonova & Yankel», «Kolbasoff») was given at State Management University (GUU) to the students of «Restaurant and Club Industry Management» RMA program, during which one of the most successful restaurant holding owners shared his experience of recent opening of a steak house «Goodman» in London and the new UK project that is due to launch this November.

«We almost did no advertising of «Goodman» at all, - said Mr. Zelman. - In the U.K. it is rather an ordinary thing, since the first and foremost role is played by the customer and professional critique. One of our first London reviews was written by very well known restaurant critic, who had 30 years of experience in the field. The essence of his feedback was that we, Russians, are bringing British back to their own fine dining traditions, and doing so with the sense of taste and respect. In less than a week we've gotten booked for 3-4 days ahead. And it is then, the restaurant review journal Zagat had awarded us with the title of the Best London Steak House. Now we have two restaurants in the city, and both are booked for two weeks ahead», - said Michael Zelman.

Speaking on the subject of his new London project, the restaurateur pointed out that it will be a «yet another step, which will bring us ever closer to the concept of mono-food restaurant». «It's called «Burger-Lobster» and will be offering only two dishes on the menu - that is 800 gram lobster and 880 gram burger with the additional serving of salad and chips» The key thing is that both dishes will have same price of 20 pounds. Which means that we'll be selling the expensive lobster nearly at the cost price, while the main profit should be generated by the sale of burgers. There some people out there, who believe that we won't be able to sustain this business model, suggesting that our customers will only be buying the lobster - which they wouldn't find for the similar price anywhere else. But I'm confident in ourselves, and had even placed some bets, that our burger will certainly shoot out. You may wonder where I derive such confidence from? Let me tell you, I know how tasty that burger is. Just to develop the minced meat formula we had spent nearly two years on it», - summarized Mr. Zelman.

P.S. The full text version of the lecture by Michael Zelman for the students of the professional retraining program «Restaurant Business and Night Club Industry Management» can be viewed here.

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