International programs

24 Jul 2006 —
14 Aug 2006

Music Business Worldwide 2006

The educational traineeship program "Music Business Worldwide", especially organized for State University of Management students specializing in Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management, included unique meetings with the leaders of American music industry. In Los Angeles the future Russian producers met with the heads of MTV Networks and Universal Music Group corporations.


Twenty of the most promising students took part in the international traineeship program, and according to the opinion of the top management of Universal Music Group, the biggest sound recording corporation of the world, these represent the future generation of Russian show business.


During their visit to the Universal Music Group the students met with the head of the new media and technologies division Larry Kenswil, who spoke to them about the perspectives for the world music market and the plans related to global move to distributing music through the Internet.


In course of the traineeship program the students visited MTV Networks where they learned about the history and structure of the biggest TV entertainment corporation and met with Peter Barron, the head of label relations on MTV, who introduced them to the specifics of American music television.


Their practical training took place in the CAPITОL RECORDS sound recording studio where the albums of such world-renowned stars as Beastie Boys, Coldplay, Whitney Houston and others are recorded; the recent movie RAY, depicting the life of the legendary musician Ray Charles, was also shot here.


The "Music Business Worldwide" program first took place in London last year; it showed that the Russian producers had things to learn from their Western colleagues, so the RMA education company planned to organize similar traineeship programs every year in the countries where the music industry is at the highest level.