International programs

29 Jul 2007 —
07 Aug 2007

Audio Engineering Summer School at Polar Studios

The students of the Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management program specializing in Audio engineering completed a traineeship program in Stockholm; among those participating was one of the RMA trainers, the founder of Snegiri, the first independent recording company in Russia, Oleg Nesterov.


As expected, Polar Studios, the leading sound recording company in Sweden, headed by Lennart Östlund, welcomed the trainees warmly and offered for their use all the music equipment at its disposal and all the experience and knowledge gathered for years of working in audio engineering.


Oleg Nesterov, producer of Snegiri Musika sound recording company:

"After the master class at the Polar Studios I realized I got even more information than I expected. I’ve been sharing my experience with colleagues and realizing that I keep noticing new sides in various audio engineering problems. All this new knowledge and experience is already helping me in my job.


I want to note that the main thing in this course is the system approach in giving the course material. From the source of the sound to the ear, from the song as such to psychoacoustics. Such a method helped avoid the problems arising from the diverseness of the students in the group — everyone got what they wanted and understood what they could understand. The most notable result is that the worst prepared students would keep moving towards the full benefit of their new knowledge for several years. And the most important thing is that the students got a system of coordinates which they will now be using as a basis for further actions".