International programs

01 Sep 2007 —
31 Jan 2008

Studies in the Middle Tennessee University

The fifth-year students of the full-time education course for the Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management program completed their traineeship in the US university of Middle Tennessee (MTSU). The lucky pioneers were Anna Zhiganova, Ekaterina Fentsova, Yuriy Babarin and Georgiy Khvatov.

For one term they went through a course of studies at the Recording Industry department. Next summer the American students of the MTSU, in their turn, will come to Moscow to learn about the particularities of the Russian business.

Middle Tennessee State University is one of the biggest universities of the Tennessee state; it is situated not far from Nashville, the city that is considered to be the birthplace of country music and, together with New York and Los Angeles, one of the three musical capitals of USA. All the biggest companies on the music market have their offices here. Not just US students but people from all over the world come to study at the Recording Industry department of the local university. This was the first time that the students from Russia got such an opportunity.

The department offers two directions of study: music business and production technologies. The students can choose at their own discretion up to six subjects that they would study during the term. Of course, besides the classes themselves the foreign students had an opportunity to travel. Especially for them the MTSU management organized a trip to Atlanta (Georgia) where they visited the office of the Сoca-Cola company, the CNN building, the aquarium and places connected with Martin Luther King’s life and work. The students were especially impressed by their visit to a Baptist church where they listened to gospel music, traditional Afro-American religious singing. During the autumn holidays the students decided to go to Florida to enjoy sun and the sea. "This was a great experience combining studies and rest", they say.