30 Apr 2012

«Music industry is the third highest revenue source of British exports»

A lecture by the Deputy Head of Music, Performance, Theater at Northbrook College and the former head of fundraising department of one of the largest European modern music festivals The Great Escape Lisa Holloway, was organized by the educational company RMA under the hospice of The British Council and Goldenzwaig Creative Solutions.

Lisa Holloway on British creative industry: «When we are talking about the creative industry, we first of all mean on its particular fields, such as graphic arts, music, architecture, literature and publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, as well as computer technology. This creative industry provides 10.6 percent of the total volume of British exports.

On the music business: «Music business is one the key components of the creative industry. It is the third highest revenue source of British exports, that generates nearly 5 billion pounds for the national economy annually. At last, our music industry became the essence of the British image, which is what we are now getting increasingly known and loved for abroad».

On the financing of the creative industry: «This industry is overseen and supported by the British Department for Culture, Media and Sports, which is responsible for reviewing and identifying the prospect talents, and helping to establish the connection with the investors and private philanthropists. All the generated funds are directly used to finance various exhibitions and festivals, as well as to assist the young musicians, artists and other members of the creative class».

On Brighton and Hove: «The place which Brighton and Hove occupies on the cultural map of England, is defined by several different factors. First of all it is a very young city. The percentage of citizens over 65 years old, here is under 14 percent. While nearly half of it's population, 48 percent to be exact - are between ages 20 and 44, so as you can imagine there is a lot of students».

Moreover, Brighton is located on the coast line, and enjoys a flourishing tourism industry, which is very well developed here. Every fifth registered company in this city is in one way or the other related to the creative industry: which is twice as high as the average British figures.

It is not surprising that Brighton attracts the attention of the organizers of various festivals: annually, there are over 60 different large scale events taking place in the city. The most regular one of which, is of course the arts Brighton Festival, this year it is organized by Vanessa Redgrave. And of course, I can not bypass mentioning Great Escape, the major European festival of modern music, where I worked for several years as the head of the fundraising department. This year it will be held between 9th and 13th of may, and using this opportunity, I would like to invite all you to Brighton. You are most welcome!»

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