28 Jun 2012

«Music is always about cooperation»

A master class by the composer and soloist of the Hess Is More band Mikkel Hess and the Dutch composer, producer and hit maker as well as the holder of Grammy Award Rasmus Bille Bahncke was organized under the hospice of Moscow Life Style festival by the RMA «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» faculty in collaboration with Active Booking Club. Both speakers have just finished working on their joint album.

During the class they have shared their experience in creating an independent record label, have talked about the modern sound recording technology, their personal creative techniques and how they arrange their work flow at the recording studio.

«The musicians usually have one particular problem: the track just isn't ready until you decide that it is ready. This process may take up anywhere a few days and several years, and there is absolutely no guarantee that after all that time your track will actually improve. That's why we have chosen a rather silly approach: we decided to preset in advance the amount of time that we would spend on each track, -- says Mikkel Hess. -- And that actually helped us to get the work done and keep our good friendship. When two artistic individuals are working together, it is very important that they both have matching expectations. I personally fancy the idea that the recording process should be treated as a regular work process. Otherwise, you will never have enough time time to finish, and the end result isn't going to be good. Of course it doesn't mean that at a certain hour and minute we would just stop and move onto the next track, sometime we did in fact have to work longer than we have initially planned, but the general idea of discipline had beyond any doubt helped us immensely».

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