28 Feb 2013

«Your achievements are represented solely by your achievements»

«Whatever I do in life, I try to do with a sense of confidence and great enjoyment of the process, because any project - is a chance, first of all, to open up your own talent, and to understand yourself little better, who you are and how will your behavior change in a new situation», – began his lecture the founder of the indie record label MACHETE RECORDS Yaroslav Maly. On the eve of the commencing Red Rocks festival he had found the time in his busy schedule to give an exclusive class to the students of «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» RMA program.

The subject of the conversation was mainly focused on Yaroslav himself, as well as on the professional aspects pertaining to running an independent record label, recording of the albums, artistic growth, idiosyncrasies of arranging the live concerts in Russia and the promotion of artists. Yaroslav gave practical advices to the starting managers and musicians, and gave honest and thorough answers to each of many questions raised by his audience.

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