28 Nov 2013

«Music world in the "Post album" age»

A lecture by the general director of Create Digital Music GMBH, composer, artist and producer Peter Kirn titled «Music world in the "Post album" age» was given to the students of «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» at the learning center of RMA business school.

He spoke to students about the present day conditions in the recording industry and the means of revenues that can be employed by the recording artists in the face of declining sales of physical media. Among the non-professionals, -- remarked Peter, -- there exists a common belief that musicians can generate revenue from the streaming services, such as Spotify, however, in reality that is far from being the case.  The problem is that Spotify simply isn't able to afford paying artist any kind of serious money for the music they stream, as they barely make any money themselves, after they pay the copyright royalties to the same major record labels.  Secondly, Spotify doesn't offer any statistics reports, therefore you can't easily ascertain how many timer per month or a week you track has actually been played through their service.

That is why, I suggest, before you spend any of your time, to concentrate your efforts on the other internet-resources, which can actually yield much better results for you.  And, first of all, I'm talking about such popular services as SoundCloud, where you can publish your free content and get objective reports on the usage statistics: you can see which one of your tracks is the most popular, and moreover, you can see which country your artistic product is generating the most interest in. Why is this so important? Because, this kind of information gives you an adequate picture of where it would be most lucrative to organize the concerts. And during the concerts, as a side-project so to speak, you can organize the sale of records and memorabilia, if, of course, you do have it available», -- summarized Peter Kirn.

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