17 Jul 2014

«From the life of planets»

An artistic gathering event was held at the RMA education center led by the leader of «Megapolis» band and tenure professor at the «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» RMA department Oleg Nesterov, during which the attendees have discussed his latest multimedia project titled «From the life of planets. Musical dedication to all unmade films of the 60's».

His presentation in a form of a concert - theatric play took place on April 30th on the stage of  «Gogol-center». During the event Oleg Nesterov talked about the origins of the first Russian multi-platform project, his ideas and practical implementations, as well as the new organizational paradigm and a method of delivery of music material to the audience.  

Additionally, the conversation touched on the various aspects of building the team which had worked on the project, all the different ways of motivating them, searching for partners and investors, as well as product promotion and viewer attraction.

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