14 Aug 2014

«This is a hard work indeed, but it certainly is worth it»

An artistic congregation was recently held  in «Masterskaya» theater club hosting a Swedish artist Moto Boy (Oscar Humbley), the event was organized by Goldenzwaig Creative Solutions, the embassy of Sweden in Russia and RMA business school. During the event Oscar answered the questions presented to him by the club and concert promoter Gregory Goldenzweig and other students of RMA "Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management" program, and shared his views on where to be looking for a source of inspiration. 

«When I was 24, I've seriously contemplated quitting music due to the prevailing sense of hopelessness about my prospects. I decided not to quit, but i've abandoned the ambition of reaching the astonishing success, and as a result, I began doing exactly what I truly believed in and considered beautiful and truthful in life. And it is only then my creation began attracting other people who expressed their genuine interest in my music.

If you want to be a musician, you just simply have to do it: create it, record it, and distribute it anywhere and everywhere, including on social networks. As a result, by the time you release your first album, there will already be an audience that will anticipate your creation.  And if you have an audience, then other labels will be pursuing you, since it will be you who will dictate the rules of the game.

Some prefer to repeat over and over the same stale formula of success, but it wears out pretty quickly and doesn't really bring anything new to the table, so it isn't my way. Besides which, at a certain point being random is exactly the kind of element that becomes your constant, and people expect precisely that from you, something that is completely different from your previous creation. Inspiration - is the foundation of any art, and I often find it during precisely such traveling as the one I'm doing right now. It is very important to communicate with other artistic people out there, listen to their music, take a weekend off and just wonder about a bit, and only then sit down and devise a plan ahead. It all should come straight from you heart, and if instead you will attempt to do it from your mind, you are not going to achieve anything».

Shortly after the meeting in «Masterskaya» theater Oscar gave a single solo concert in Russia. The cosmic and marvelous atmosphere of that concert can hardly be expressed through the video, nevertheless we are delighted to offer your several excerpts of the footage. 

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