13 Nov 2013

"Everything that we spend, is what we have earned ourselves"

The executive director of «Tottenham Hotspur» FC Donna-Maria Cullen, who had recently arrived in Moscow along with her team that will be playing against Makhachkala based «Anzhi» FC as part of the group stage of the European League, has given a masterclass to the student of Sport Industry Management RMA business school program.


In class, she spoke to students about the club's revenue structure.  «Tottenham», - pointed out Ms. Cullen - is a business project. Since we don't have a multi billionaire owner that would be able to plug every hole in our club's budget, everything that we spend, is what we have earned ourselves. And of course we strive to maintain positive budget. Now, it is also one of the fair play requirements, nevertheless, we have been maintaining this standard practically always.


Speaking of exact figures, in 2012/13 season «Tottenham» made 147,5 million pounds. Proportionally, it breaks down the following way: 39% came from the broadcast licensing, 23% - sales of tickets and subscriptions, 17% - sponsorship contracts, 13% - merchandising and licensing, and about 8% - the sales of food and beverages during the games. As to our expenses, in the same stated period they amounted to 129,4 million pounds, 2% of which were spent on the club Academy, 26% - on stadium maintenance, and 72% went directly to our  main team including player's salaries. We believe this is a healthy percentage, especially considering that some clubs spend 100 or even 110% of their budget on their players», -- said Donna-Maria Cullen to the RMA students.

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