05 Dec 2013

The last season we have generated a record revenue"

A masterclass given by the head of the international marketing department of FC Bayern Munich Andreas Kufner to the students of «Sport Industry Management» program was held at the RMA business school.  During the class he talked about the club's financial report for the fiscal year 2012/13, during which Bavaria won not only the German national cup but also the Champion's League competition. 


«The last season we have generated a record revenue, which amounted to 433 million euros. The sponsorship agreements brought us about 100 million euros, the sales of memorabilia - 83 million euros, and these are the highest figures in the history of our club. I can confidently say that in terms of doing business «Bayern» can definitely be a role model to all of the top-tier clubs. Our revenue figures are the third-fourth highest in the world. Yet we are constantly maintaining a positive balance sheet, and in fact, in the last 20 years we haven't had a single season where we'd run a deficit:  just in the last season our club has made 22 million euroes before taxes.


I can assure you, there isn't a single football club in the world can currently display such stellar profitability.  As to the few other grands, we should see how well they will fare once the financial fair-play rules get fully enacted. 

For the moment being many clubs find the number of different ways to bypass these regulations, and UEFA largely letting this slide: had this not been the case, the Champion's League would right now consist of at most of 5-6 teams. For example,  «Paris Saint-Germain» receives nearly 200 million euros annually from their so called sponsor, which isn't even their largest sponsor mind you. While we, and I will stress that again, only get 100 million from all of our sponsors combined. Which means that either they do their job extremely well and we underperform in ours, or something else is going on over there», - remarked the top manager of «Bayern» during the masterclass to the students of RMA business school.


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