07 Apr 2014

A master class by Stephan Poelmans

A master class by the marketing director of the Belgian football club «Genc» Stephan Poelmans, who had recently arrived in Moscow along with his team for the upcoming European League match against «Anzhi», was given at the RMA educational center to the students of «Sport Industry Management» program.

«If we are talking numbers, then, I think, our current budget is somewhere around 18 million euros, -- says Stephan Poelmans. -- Do you think it is too small? You likely do, but you should understand who we are: we are - a small club from the city of 60 thousand residents, so our ambitions aren't quite global. We represent a region, Limburg; we are - the best club in this region, and one of the leading clubs in Belgium. The biggest share of our income comes from the broadcasting licenses, which amount to approximately 30% of our income. The combined sum of the Pro-League broadcasting contract, which, as you probably already know, includes 16 different clubs, is 55 million euros a year.  It is distributed in proportion to the club's success coefficient, which, in turn, is based on the club's performance calculated over the course of last 5 years, and our share of it accounts to about 5 million euros. The next most important source of revenue - the sales of seasonal subscriptions, including the seating at the VIP and business lounge - which amounts to additional 23% of our current budget, while the sales of regular tickets brings 13%. Additional 14% - are the contributions by UEFA for the participation in the European League, 4% - are the sales of food and beverages during the gaming events. And another 16% come from our sponsorship agreements», -- said the marketing director of the Belgian football club.

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