20 Nov 2014

«In the game against «Dinamo» we’ll have four or five of our proteges»

On the eve of the European League game between «Dinamo» and PSV the director of the  youth Academy of the Dutch club Art Langeler, who had recently arrived in Moscow along with his team, has given a master class to the students of «Sport Industry Management»  RMA business school program giving the detailed answers to many question from the audience.

«Currently we have 24 enrolled members, who are assigned to the first team, 11 have graduated the PSV Academy. Either four or five of them will be facing «Dinamo» in the tomorrow’s game», -- he said. -- The age of enrollment to Academy is 8 years old. The graduation age is 21. Presently we have 180 players who regularly practice in Eindhoven. Around another 50 in the small towns within 50 kilometer radius of Eindhoven, such as Venlo, Tilbourg and some others».

«The graduates of Eindhoven and it’s surrounding areas, who do comprise the majority, live here in their homes along with their parents… We do have a few foreigners - from Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and a few African nations… But these are quite few, because our laws essentially prohibit kids under 16 to live away from their parents, and therefore we can’t bring anyone below this age into our country…

Those, however, that do make it over to us, and they are practically adults, do cost us significantly more than native Dutch… In part because we have to pay for their accommodations, food, education, and transportation both over there and back home, we also pay for their relatives visits, who are allowed to visit the country up to 4 times a year, and so on and forth.  That is why it is very difficult for me to be able to compute an average we spend per single player for you right away. However, I certainly can tell you our Academy’s annual budget: 4 million euros», -- said Art Langeler. 

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