29 Jul 2015

«The development of junior football Academies»

The education center RMA hosted a second conference in conclusion of the foreign internship program titled Red-White Business Tour which took place in December of 2014 in Germany and Holland. The conference was centered on the issues around developing junior football and the strategies of producing the next generation of young players in the Academies and clubs both at home and abroad.

The guest lecturers of the event included the following: Michael Oenning (ex-coach of the «Nurenberg», «Hamburg» football clubs, and the ex-assistant of the chief coach of the German national football team), Michael Galaktionov (the coach of Russia’s junior national team U17, alumni of «Sport Industry Management» RMA business school program), Niyaz Akbarov (the head of the football youth program of Academy FC «Rubin» (Kazan), Alex Zinin, the president of the AZ Sport Universal agency, Nikita Matveev (the head of the « Sport Industry Management » RMA program»).

The range of topics of discussion included: the principles of building an Academy, growing of infrastructure, forming the coaching staff, organization and selection of the training process, the non-football related education of players, their motivation, an number of other issues. You can view the complete video of the event.

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