16 Nov 2015

«There is 659 million people in the world, who in one way or another sympathise with «Manchester United»

The RMA business school hosted a master class by the executive director, and a member of the board of directors of «Manchester United» FC Richard Arnold for the students of « Sport Industry Management » RMA program. During the class he talked about the relationship of the club with it's sponsors.

«In general, the most valuable aspect for our sponsors is the access to our audience, – noted Richard Arnold. – Perhaps you have heard of our recently conducted research, which, among other things, showed that there is 659 million people in the world who in one way or another sympathise with «Manchester United». Notably, nearly half of them – 325 million – live in Asia, another 173 million – in the Middle East and Africa, 90 million – in Europe and 71 million – in America. In Russia, by the way, we enjoy the support of 18 million people, which, if you think about it, is one and half times the population of Moscow.

I would particularly like to stress that – these aren't some abstract numbers, the research was done by a very respectable company that conducted the polling of over 50 thousand respondents in 39 countries, and these numbers can truly impress anyone, including our sponsors. However, we've got more to offer beside this: our average TV-viewership for a single game is 60 million viewers, that is total of 3 billion viewers in a given year. Our games are being broadcasted in over 200 countries, and speaking of TV ratings; 9 out of 10 top viewed games in the last season of England's premier league were the games that included our team «Manchester United».

What else? Our website monthly visits count at 5,8 million of unique visitors, with over 80 million followers on social networks, for instance, we've got twice as many followers on Tweeter than «Coca Cola» does.  We are – the most discussed team online.

So naturally, our sponsors value very highly the opportunity to gain access to such a wide audience that chooses to associate itself with with «Manchester United», – concluded Richard Arnold.



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