18 Mar 2011

Henri van der Aat (FC Ajax) met with fellow colleagues from RMA

The master-class from the Ajax Football Club (Netherlands) Commercial Director Mr. Henri van der Aat for students of Sport Industry Management Faculty of RMA has passed in Luzhniki Olympic Complex.

The top-manager of one of the most titled clubs in the world football history has told the students about the philosophy of Ajax, its commercial characteristics and young football payers' training system. Thanks to this the club is one of very few in Europe which has the possibility to be completed almost exclusively with its own pupils and as consequence to remain self-supporting.

'Our philosophy, said Mr. van der Aat, can be defined as philosophy of relying on our own resources. What we decided for ourselves is that not less than 70 percent of our first team players should be the pupils of Ajax Academy. Not less, I underline. And now they make even 90 percent. Out of eleven persons who will play the game with Spartak nine are the natives of our Academy. I will tell even more, there are now twenty of such players in the basic team squad and on its nearest approaches.

For the present moment seventeen persons who have graduated from our Academy play for their national teams. And thirteen of them played in the latest World Championship in the Republic of South Africa. They are the football players from Denmark, Belgium, and Cameroon and, of course, the Dutch themselves. Stekelengurg, Heitinga, van der Vil, de Jong, Emanuelson, Sneijder, van der Vaart, Babel are all our pupils', concluded the Dutch expert.

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