06 Apr 2011

Sports director of FC Boca Juniors met with the students of "Sports Industry Management" faculty

The top-manager of the popular South American club has arrived in Moscow by RMA invitation. He is used to foreign business trips: Boca Juniors has its own network of foreign football schools, which activity together with the work of Argentinean "Boca" Academy is taken over by Juan Cobian. As Mr. Cobian told the students of the "Sports Industry Management" program, similar football Academy can soon be set up in the south of Russia.

"Boca Juniors" can afford to support foreign football schools and to provide their pupils with annual training camps in Argentina due to the successful work with sponsors, business partners and own fans worldwide.

«In every country we find a brand interested in opening of our football school and able to undertake all funding. We do hope that our school will be set up in Russia. Héctor Bracamonte, "Boca's" pupil, who is playing now in your championship, says that here there are all possibilities for this purpose. As for the work in Argentina, we are the unique profitable club in the country. Partners are interesting in our fans - 40 % of the population support "Boca". That's why such companies as Nike, LG, Coca-Cola, Mastercard and others are ready to be company's sponsors.

During the three-hour master class Mr. Cobian also told about the "Boca's" history and great players, unending rivalry with "River Plate", work with young pupils of the club and many other things.

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