Business-education in Moscow

RMA business school is preparing highly professional managers in the area of hospitality, music business, sports industry, internet-technology as well as arts and gallery business.

In addition to graduating the managerial specialists, RMA is also preparing a next generation of entrepreneurs that will be able to use their concepts and ideas and transform them into a functional business practice. The graduates of our business school are currently occupying some of the leading positions in many of top rated companies and institutions, as well as successfully running their own business projects.

RMA teachers are the top managers of leading domestic and foreign companies, the leaders in their fields, who are personally invested in quality education for their future partners and colleagues: The key component of the educational process is a practical hands on training and internships. A comprehensive and in depth experience of the industry is achieved by the regular visits to the largest trend setting companies and organizations that are the flagships of the industry.

4/08 During the next 20 years the area of entrepreneurship will undergo a dramatic change

The graduate of RMA’s «Internet Industry Management» program Andrey Shtylenko has been living in Croatia for a couple of years, where he has founded a number of successful businesses


14/06 «If you were given a chance, use it»

Andrey Schvetsov (Kit Sunders) has graduated the RMA’s «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» in 2011, and one year before that he had completely turned his life around


30/05 «Leicester City FC: The Sports Story Of The Year»

The «Sport Industry Management» program conducted a master class by the director for the development of new business opportunities FC Leicester City Mark Davis


30/04 «The basketball pyramid needs to be built from the ground up – starting with the kids, students and amateurs»

The RMA «Sport Industry Management» program hosted a master class by Andrey Kirilenko, a legendary athlete who had recently headed the Russian Basketball Federation (RBF)


24/02 «Canada's sports business: experience of NHL, MLS, NBA»

Another RMA internship program was conducted on January 11th through 24th in Toronoto, Monreal and Ottawa for the students and partners of RMA business school