History of RMA

The RMA company was founded in 2000 and initially functioned as a producer company called Rainbow Music Agency. While taking part in the organization of the Russian-American musical competition in search of young talents ‘Millennium Rainbow’, the company management was impressed by the amount of truly talented performers out there. Soon after that a decision was taken to open the Show Business School which for five years had selected and prepared young performers for work onstage. This was also when the special RMA projects started together with MuzTV channel and Russian Radio, MuzTV TeleSchool and OnAir DJ School, began their work.

Our successful experience demonstrated that there was an urgent need in Russia for producers’ and managers’ training for work with artists, and in 2002 a decision was taken to open a professional retraining program “Producing and management in music show business” on the basis of State University of Management; after a year a similar program in higher education was opened. This started a new vector of development for the RMA company which today is one of the leaders in the education industry.

Today professional retraining is the most popular form of education in USA where people try to immerse themselves as much as possible in the industry with which they’ve decided to connect their lives. This form of education is also cheaper than MBA, requires less time and is also more efficient and interesting. Now this format is starting to get popular in Russia, and RMA was the first company to offer it. During the years of work we came to understand the method of organizing most efficiently the process of transfer of experience and teaching the technologies of business management, and now we implement it successfully and keep perfecting it.

Good results of the introduction of the Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management course led RMA to start thinking about widening our activities. After extensive market research we realized that the scarcity of trained management personnel is most acutely felt in the sports industry, and in 2005 we made a decision to start a Sport Industry Management course.

Without stopping the monitoring of the market the RMA company opened three more professional retraining courses with the interval of a year between them. Each of those corresponded to the area of business which had most evident management problems, – Restaurant and Club Industry Management, Internet Industry Management and Art management and gallery business.

We were the first in Russia to use in our educational process the practicing specialists who headed various departments in leading companies of the industry. Today about 70 per cent of lectures for the RMA students are read by the best professionals from both Russia and abroad.

Our idea met with warm response of the teachers who are interested in the training of their future colleagues and partners. Thanks to this during study process business communities started to form inside the study groups: teachers and students together work on projects both new and already existing. More than this, students and graduates often start their own business project using the knowledge they obtained and their teachers’ help.

Studying at RMA is more than just a theory; it includes maximum possible immersion in the industry, which is provided by master classes, practical training, case studies, round tables and a lot of internships. Our students took part in organizing and holding the finals of the Champions’ League and World Hockey Championship, United VTB League and the First Channel Cup for Hockey, Eurovision and MTV Music Awards ceremony, Golden Gramophone and Song of the Year awards, the annual Runet Award and the Laurel Leaf restaurant awards and hundreds of other important events. This unique experience was met with gratitude from the biggest companies, clubs and federations.

We try to help our students on all the stages of their careers, not limiting ourselves to the educational process — the idea of helping our students to find employment was from the beginning one of the main principles of RMA. After graduation you receive the diploma together with unique knowledge, priceless experience and useful connections with people from various business structures.