About us

RMA business school was founded in 2000 and today is one of the leaders in the education industry. We regularly lead a thorough research of the market, determining the industries which feel the lack of professional managers. With the support of acknowledged practicing professionals and big companies we start educational programs which are unique on the market or compare favorably with other programs.

Since 2002 the RMA business school trains competitive specialists in five areas:

For this we develop and keep perfecting educational programs, involving top managers of leading companies in the industry who know very well the technologies of conducting this business and are interested in training their future assistants and partners.

RMA business school takes upon itself certain obligations the fulfillment of which makes the study process unique, comparing favorably with other programs offered on the education market today:

  • Enrolment and formation of groups of students for educational programs
  • Involving practicing specialists in teaching field-oriented subjects
  • Development and creation of educational materials
  • Preparing a base for interning during the process of training
  • Development and realization of internships in leading companies in the field
  • Development and implementation of international educational programs

RMA business school also successfully offers consulting services in each of the aforementioned industries. As with education, the success of our services lies in monitoring the market’s latest trends carefully and in active involvement in working with customers of both Russian and foreign practicing specialists who rose to the heights of their profession and who now are ready to share their priceless knowledge and experience.