International programs

  • 21 Aug 2019 —
    25 Aug 2019

    Venice Biennale: for those who want to see more

    Students and partners of the faculty of "Art Management and Gallery Business" visited Venice to see interesting projects of one of the most famous events in art-world and to visit important exhibitions of the Italian city on the water.

  • 09 Dec 2018 —
    16 Dec 2018

    The Bundesliga Experience: Commercial and Marketing Strategies for Football Clubs

    An internship “The Bundesliga Experience: Commercial and Marketing Strategies for Football Clubs” based in five cities in North Rhine-Westphalia was held from 9th to 16th of December. The program was organized by RMA Business School for the students, graduates and partners of “Sports Industry Management” faculty.

  • 18 Oct 2018 —
    21 Oct 2018


    During October 18th to 21st of 2018 a group of students of «Art Management and Gallery Business» RMA program had visited Riga. The participants visited The Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA), museums and galleries, and met with artists and collectors. The tour was guided by the curator of the program Nikolay Palazhchenko.

  • 30 Oct 2017 —
    05 Nov 2017

    Georgian Gourmet

    The cultural and gastronomic tour Georgian Gourmet was held on November, organized by the RMA business school for the students of " Restaurant and Club Industry Management» and their partners. Group visited five cities: Tbilisi, Borjomi; Mtskheta, Sighnaghi, Akhaltsikhe, the cave complex Vardzia and the wine region of Kakheti.

  • 22 Mar 2017 —
    26 Mar 2017

    Art Basel Hong Kong

    During March 22nd to 26th of 2017 a group of students of «Art Management and Gallery Business» RMA program had visited Hong Kong, where they have attended the Art Basel Hong Kong fair as well as it’s satellite — Art Central fair, met with the gallerists, learned about South Island Cultural District, attended exhibitions at the local galleries, as well as traveled Macau where they met with an artist Constantin Bessmertniy. The tour was guided by the curator of the program Nikolay Palazhchenko.

  • 30 Oct 2016 —
    06 Nov 2016

    Football Business of North Italy & South France

    From the 30th of October to 6th of November students and partners of «Sport Industry Management» RMA program had taken part in an internship program titled «Football Business of North Italy & South France». Group visited Turin, Milan, Monaco and Nice. The program included: workshops and seminars from top managers of the clubs, visiting the stadiums and football matches, training centers and youth football academies with a detailed study of the infrastructure.

  • 11 Jan 2016 —
    19 Jan 2016

    «Canada's sports business: experience of NHL, MLS, NBA»

    Another RMA internship program was conducted on January 11th through 24th in Toronoto, Monreal and Ottawa for the students and partners of RMA business school "Sport Industry Management" program titled «Canada's Sports Business: experience of NHL, MLS, NBA»

  • 07 Dec 2014 —
    17 Dec 2014

    Red-White Business Tour

    An internship program «Red –White Business Tour» based in M?nchen, Amsterdam, Eindhoven was held on 7th - 17th December 2014, organized by the RMA business school for the students of RMA «Sports Industry Management» and their partners.

  • 03 Aug 2014 —
    17 Aug 2014

    America: food trucks to fine dining (Los Angeles, San Francisco)

    Business school RMA announces gastronomic Internship "America : from fast food to fine dining», which will be held in August 2014 in California. Internship aims to explore the latest trends in the U.S. Food and  restaurant industry.

  • 03 May 2014 —
    09 May 2014

    The music business of Scandinavia

    RMA business school and Goldenzwaig Creative Solutions have organized an internship program titled «The music business of Scandinavia», which took place in early May 2014. Everyone who had joined us on our trip to Sweden and Finland was able to acquire both theoretical as well as practical knowledge from some of the leading European music entrepreneurs.