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28 Apr 2012 —
04 May 2012

7th Berlin Biennale trip

This year the Berlin Biennale, which often brings to the forefront of the public attention many talented young artists as well as the most current trends in the development of the international art scene, had once again caused quite a stir among the art critics and professionals, due to it's highly notable political emphasis this year. A group of RMA students from «Art Management and Gallery Business» program along with their mentor Nikolai Palazhchenko had traveled to Berlin to witness first hand the exhibition titled «Forgetting fear» and to evaluate the works of professional artists and non-artists alike. Over the course of three days they have managed to attend the key expositions of the festival, met with the curators and the architects of the event, as well as visited the workshops of the artist to better understand which direction the modern art is heading these days.

On the very first day, the students have attended virtually every main exposition at the Berlin modern arts Museum (Hamburger Bahnhoff) as well as at the institute of modern art (Kunst-Werke), where they have enjoyed a custom tailored excursion, during which they have met the actual artists right at their exhibition booths (which to some students appeared more like the political activism workshops), who have personally talked to the students about their ongoing projects. In between visiting various expositions the students were assisted by several participating artists, namely - an architect Ilya Kireev, the head of the Zukunft project Barbara Starka and the painter and architect Lisa Schmitz, who talked extensively about their own projects and the role that German government is playing in supporting the art industry in Germany.

The second day began with the visit of the renowned gallerist Folker Dhiel, who had organized an excursion around his gallery, during which he talked about the differences between doing the art-business in Russia and Germany, and shared some of his secrets on how to establish the effective communication between the artists and the art buyers. The second half of the day was largely dedicated to attending other galleries and exhibition centers of Berlin.

As part of the trip, the students have also got a chance to attend the exhibition one of the brightest German modern artists - Gerhard Richter, then view the re-enactment of the battle of Berlin 1945, and enjoy a private excursion through the Boros Collection, that is located inside the old German bunker.

Additionally, during the last two days of their stay, the students met with the curator of the Tokyo Wonder Site Residency Program - Kanta Kimura, as well as with the gallerist and the head of the charity foundation «Aidos» Lyudmila Bereznitskaya, who talked to the students about their experience in the art business and the developing trends in the modern art.