News of faculty

  • 27 Apr 2017

    During March 22nd to 26th of 2017 a group of students of «Art Management and Gallery Business» RMA program had visited Hong Kong, where they have attended the Art Basel Hong Kong fair as well as it’s satellite — Art Central fair, met with the gallerists, learned about South Island Cultural District, attended exhibitions at the local galleries, as well as traveled Macao where they met with an artist Constantin Bessmertniy. The tour was guided by the curator of the program Nikolai Palazhchenko.

  • 25 May 2015

    RMA business-school held the discussion panel under the name “Going in hot pursuit of Venice. Biennale by eyes of beholders” within Moscow Museum’s Night. Art critics, curators and artists, who recently returned from the Venice Art Biennale 2015 opening, took part in the discussion. They shared experiences and examined (or discussed) the main program, national pavilions and collateral events. Below we offer a photo report from the event.

  • 08 Dec 2014

    For the first time ever Moscow is hosting a long term «do it» series exhibition, which includes 120 artists, architects, composers, writers, choreographers and other professional groups representing some 32 countries. A docent at the «Garage» museum of modern art Daria Ostratenko gave an overview of the history of this project, while the students of «Art management and gallery business» program took an active part in the performances.

  • 03 Mar 2014

    The «Art Management and Gallery Business» RMA program had organized and Art-Excursion to Madrid's international contemporary-art fair ARCO 2014. The trip was supervised by the program's curator Nikolay Palazhchenko.

  • 28 Nov 2013

    An open lecture by the general curator of Mori Art Museum Mami Kataoka  titled «Beyond doubt: the way of rethinking the modern art of Japan» was given at the Artplay design center, under the hospice of 5th Modern Art Moscow biennial organized by the RMA business school in association with The Japan Foundation.

  • 23 Apr 2013

    On the 18th of April, a master class by the gallerist Steve Lazarides was given as part of the «Art-management and gallery business» RMA program, in association with the British Council.

  • 15 Apr 2013

    Having begun his carrier as photographer at the age of 14 at Architectural Review, Richard Haughton manages to combine both, his desire to be involved with many different areas with his own technical expertise and passion. Right now Richard is one of the most sought after gastronomical photographers in the word, and the list of celebrities he had worked with includes such names as Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Mark Almond, Luciano Pavarotti and others. But just as many years ago, his currently favorite area remains the filming of artistic performances, which was the subject of his presentation given to a group of guests of the «Art-management and gallery business» RMA program that took place at the Multimedia Art Museum.

  • 02 Mar 2013

    Joseph Buckstein - one of the most influential members of the art-community whose name is often used as a synonym for the Russian modern art, which was exactly the subject of the presentation by Mr. Joseph Markovich to the students of «Art management and gallery business» RMA program.

  • 27 Feb 2013

    Oleg Kulik - is one of the most influential figures in Russian modern art, whose art projects and performances always draw attention of the professional community, critics and viewers alike. Having found time in his busy schedule, Oleg met up with the students and visitors of the «Art management and gallery business» RMA program.

  • 28 Jan 2013

    Gallery XL is one of the oldest, most influential and best known modern art galleries in Moscow, the main purpose of which, according to its founder, is «to predict the developing trends and to influence the formation of the new directions in the contemporary art». In the early days of November, Elena gave a lecture to the students of the «Art management and gallery business» RMA program.

  • 28 Jun 2012

    On May 26, an event titled «Art- barbeque» was organized at the country-side «Gridchinhall» art-residence. The event was dedicated to the first graduation of the RMA «Art Management and Gallery Business» school, the classes of which for the period of March through April of this year were given exclusively at the Center for Modern Arts «Vinzavod».  More details are available in our photo report.

  • 24 Jun 2012

    This year the Berlin Biennale, which often brings to the forefront of the public attention many talented young artists as well as the most current trends in the development of the international art scene, had once again caused quite a stir among the art critics and professionals, due to it's highly notable political emphasis this year. A group of RMA students from «Art Management and Gallery Business» program along with their mentor Nikolai Palazhchenko had traveled to Berlin to witness first hand the exhibition titled «Forgetting fear» and to evaluate the works of professional artists and non-artists alike. Over the course of three days they have managed to attend the key expositions of the festival, met with the curators and the architects of the event, as well as visited the workshops of the artist to better understand which direction the modern art is heading these days.</

  • 20 Jun 2012

    The city is a complex live organism that attracts people and changes their lifestyle and their outlook. Yet it is the people who define the character of the city and the pace of it's development.  Armed with an idea of a new economy and desire to domesticate the additional city space, the modern city manager can breath a whole new life into the old and obsolete historical buildings, factories and other non-functioning industrial facilities. That is precisely the area of expertise for the internationally renowned Dutch urbanist Evert Verhagen, who gave a lecture titled «The second life of buildings: creative models» to the students of «Art-management and gallery business» RMA program.

  • 20 Jun 2012

    What an ideal art-manager should be like, and what kind of challenges he is most commonly facing in his professional duty? Which specific functions should he be performing?  What is the difference between working on a commercial and non-profit projects? These and many other questions have been discussed in detail by the heads of the museums, top managers of the leading art-market institutions and representatives of the appropriate governmental departments during the round table titled  «What kind of managers are needed to promote culture», that was organized by the educational company RMA «Art Management and Gallery Business» program in association with Digital October.

  • 05 Jun 2012

    A round table was organized at the Central House of Artists prior to opening of a new educational RMA program «Art Management and Gallery Business» titled «Who is ruling the modern art: the art-manager, the curator or the artists?».