Internet Business Management

Since the start of the work of the first group the Internet Business Management training program managed to make its name. The program has a really efficient training process which the modern education too often lacks. For that we obtained the support of the leading companies of the Russian segment of Internet (Google Russia,, Ozon Group, Alibaba Russia, eBay Russia, HeadHunter and many others) and set up a process for experience exchange with Western Internet companies.

70 per cent of lectures of this course are read by practicing experts. The invitation of the best specialists, the offer for various internships in both domestic and foreign companies and comprehensive aid in finding employment became key features of the program.

The Russian segment of the Internet keeps developing, nowadays its tone finally begins to be set by professionals understanding its laws, seeing the perspectives for its development and thinking with its categories. The Internet Business Management training program became the first program in Russia which trains competent managers capable not just to solve existing problems but also to determine the trends in Internet industry, specialists able to create and develop projects turning the Internet into a friendly and efficient environment equally comfortable for any user.

The pride of the program are its graduates who earned their diplomas by hard and painstaking work. It’s nice to know that each graduate of the training program means one more practicing professional in Russian Internet.

Studying Internet Business Management is more than just a quality education. We consider it our social mission to promote Internet technology to the public, so the training program also organizes, partners and sponsors many events connected with the development of Internet technologies in Russia and is active on many social platforms online. 

Today there is already a sort of community which gathered around the Internet Business Management training course, uniting students, graduates, teachers and partners with common professional interests where you can always expect the support of your colleagues and sharing of experience.