• 09 Jan 2012

    Andrey Iskornev is the president of the premium class medical clinic with an American license - «The Platinental», as well as practicing plastic surgeon with an MBA degree in «Medical business management». He knows well how to create a successful development strategy for the medical clinic. During the lecture he gave to the students of «Health and Beauty Industry Management» RMA program, he discussed why the beauty salons and health clinics should seek to invest in quality online PR, why the web sites should be live prior to the opening of the business, and which are the best ways to fill the web site with sellable content.

  • 22 Dec 2011

    The ongoing InterCHARM fare at «Krokus Expo» is the largest one in it's class, with RMA being a proud sponsor of the event. Among the participants of the fare, there are over 900 companies that represent the products and services of over 3 thousand different brands. On it's stands you can see the products made in 27 different countries, with separate pavilions strictly dedicated to the national producers from Germany, France, Israel, Turkey and Bulgaria. The fair offers various presentations and master-classes designed for the average consumer, but also, there is an additional business conference at «Intercharm» for the executives of beauty salons, that offers professional contests among the manicure and hairdressing artists.  

  • 03 Jul 2010

    Yana Laputina, a linklady of "Bauty time", "Tell what's not ok" hosting on "Domashny" TV-channel, lectured attendants majoring in Health and Beauty Industry Management.

  • 30 Jun 2010

    Aleksey Pleskov, Head of the Health Care Office of the "Sochy 2014", met the attendants majoring in Health and Beauty Industry Management and had given them details on how the Office was proceeding with Olympics preparation.

  • 29 Jun 2010

    The attendants majoring in Health and Beauty Industry Management visited ESPA center by The Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel together with Elena Bogacheva, President of SPA Philosophy and Industry Development Foundation.

  • 18 Jun 2010

    Igor Stoyanov, the head of "Persona", lectured attendants majoring in Health and Beauty Industry Management. The lecture was dedicated to recruitment issues a new-founded fashion parlour may face to.

  • 03 Feb 2010

    In the end of January the innovation and education company RMA together with the Academy of Creative Arts and Style organized a workshop "A professional beauty business owner. A leader's internal reserves". This unique workshop took place in the most popular location in India, on the shores of the state of Goa.