Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management

In 2002, the training program Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management was both a pioneer and revolutionary in the education market. First of all, to the fact that in Russia no one trained certified managers of the music industry. Secondly, no one builds a learning process, as the RMA.

Because of their own experience proved to them the urgent need for personnel trained for the music industry, attended by the heads of record companies, and manufacturing centers in the development of the curriculum to meet the most urgent requirements for future music producers and managers.


The main objective of the training program Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management prepares professionals to work in areas such as production, club promotion, concert and tour activities, television and radio production, PR and work with the media and all other show business related jobs.

Classes for the program held in the education center, and in the recording studio, the film, television and radio stations, with the leading manufacturers, heads of record companies, and directors such as Lina Arifulina, Oleg Nesterov, Yuriy Aksyuta, Dmitry Konnov and many others shared their experiences with students.

Out of the mouths of his characters, students receive unique knowledge and useful information is often hidden from all others, and also get the opportunity to work in the course of his research on the organization of festivals, concerts, music awards ceremony, as well as the creation of television programs.

Students specializing in the music business and entertainment industry management have many opportunities to work as interns - they participate in all notable showbiz events. Eurovision, MTV Awards, Golden Gramophone and the song festivals of the year - the organizers of those, and many other activities for several years requested assistance program students who get a great chance to prove themselves, and then to find work in the leading companies of the industry.

The training program Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management is more than just training. This is a very important step towards the realization of a cherished dream of millions of people worldwide to become part of a larger world of show business.