26 Dec 2016

A master class by the head of the department of development and partnership at FC «Arsenal» Hadrien Perazzini

RMA business school conducted a master class by the head of the development and partnership at FC «Arsenal» Hadrien Perazzini that was given to the students of «Management in Sports» program, during which he discussed the club’s sponsor outreach efforts.

«It’s hard to tell how our relationship with our sponsor would have changed if we had won all of the games in a row, perhaps they would have been even better than now, but as it stands today, we are doing really well. After all, we are a large soccer brand, that has over 130 years of history behind us, and mind you, our track record isn’t the one of the feeble outsider. Our club, has for the longest time among all other British clubs been playing in the top national division, and this streak has gone on for over 100 years to date completely uninterrupted. We are regularly positioned right at the very top — at the very least we haven’t once missed the entry into the Champion’s League in the past 19 years. Our club has been a pioneer in many other respects — for instance, in 1937 two „Arsenal“ teams, the general and the junior ones had played a world’s first televised game.

Also, since 1928 we have been the first ones who decided to individually number the players’ jerseys. Our current stadium, which we will surely discuss in detail later on, is one of the first ones of it’s kind in the world — operating solely on the renewable energy. So, as you probably understand, we are the news makers, that are constantly being talked and written about, and not strictly in connection with soccer, and I can say with confidence, we enjoy a more than just a positive public image, which in my opinion is an essential attribute in our successful sponsor relations.

Moreover, we should not forget that „Arsenal“ is part of the British Premier Leage, and I will emphasize again — we are it’s longest standing and most regularly participating member, effectively constituting it’s integral functional part. The British Premier League is the most popular soccer championship in the world, it’s aggregate broadcast viewership amounts to over 4 billion people in 229 countries, there is also a highly impressive online audience which up to date includes nearly one and half billion people.

In addition, our competitiveness provides us with the ever increasing audience — for reference, consider the Spanish Premier League: there, for many years now, we basically have two main contenders for the championship. Or for instance Germany, where „Bavaria“ remains virtually unchallenged. Now, compare this to the BPL, where one can have almost no certainty whatsoever for the outcome before hand, where the leadership is heavily contested by 4-5-6 different teams, and „Arsenal“ consistently remains among them, and sometimes we can even see the outright miracles, such as recently with „Lester“.

In summary, I would like to say, that we don’t encounter any noticeable problems in our sponsor seeking efforts, we have everything necessary in order to succeed — the positive image as well as the world-wide popularity», — said mr. Perazzini.

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