08 Nov 2018

"For us, the transition of Casillas is the same as for Juventus — the recent transfering of Ronaldo"

Marketing director of FC Porto Tiago Gouveia gave a master-class for "Sport Industry Management" faculty at RMA Business School. During the master-class he spoke about marketing impact which was caused by transferring to FC Porto a goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who is famous for his performance for Real Madrid and national team of Spain.

"This is a great transfer. For us, this is the same as for Juventus — Ronaldo's recent transition. Iker — one of the most titled active players in the world, the goalkeeper — exactly the most titled. And he has a crazy reach audience in social networks — 25.5 million in Facebook alone, plus 13.2 million in Instagram, and another 8.5 million on Twitter.

If you compare this to the audience of Porto — 5 and a little more of millions in all social media, you will understand that in terms of marketing, the presence of such a player in our team is something we could only think about it. On the top of his skills, of his leadership qualities,” — said Thiago Gouveia.

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